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version 0.8 (fifth release) 4 June, 2002 -- 15746 downloads this version
free software distributed under the terms of the QPL
by Riley Lynch <> Project Homepage @ SourceForge (Bug tracking, patches, etc.)
Download (0.8) binaries (gzipped tarball, about 250k)
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Get automatically notified about future releases of provides "virtual workspaces" to help you to organize your use of the desktop. is provided free of charge for individual and commercial use under the QPL (version 1.0) and may be redistributed according to the terms of that license.

Call to arms:
I have many more feature requests for than I have time to work on. If you are interested in helping this application to mature, please consider contributing your code to this project.

Known issues:
Switching between workspaces while applications are still in the process of hiding or unhiding may cause those applications to appear in different workspaces than you intended.

OmniWeb users: Getting an "address filtered" error on download?
In Preferences/Privacy, remove or modify the "" pattern.

Version history:

12 Jan 2001(0.4) first public release
18 Jan 2001(0.5) made main window resizeable
enabled customized number of workspaces
05 Feb 2001(0.6) source released under QPL
improved UI for preferences and main window
enabled customization of workspace names
added options for sticky workspace, yielding focus
03 Apr 2001(0.7) moved to "dockling" interface (let me know what you think!)
fixed incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.0 (retail)
made all visible strings localizable
04 Jun 2002(0.8) moved to hybrid interface: dock menu and palette
finder windows behave as other applications
added global "hot keys"


Thanks to the people who help me to get the word out.

Thanks to Vasantha Crabb, Jeroen Scheerder and Gert Jan Verhoog for coding assistance. Thanks to everyone who has written with suggestions, feedback and bug reports. Thanks to for hosting this project. Thanks to James Doyle <> for designing the icon. Check out some of his other work at Xicons.